Grades K-12



Learner Expectations - L-S-A (Learning, Serving & Achieving through Christ)

In 2013, the faculty, with input from the board, parents and students, formulated learning goals known as Learner Expectations - L-S-As.  These goals form the basis for the overall planning of policies and procedures and guide the teachers and administration in the development of classroom curriculum.

Students are expected to take an active role in their educational program, to be acquainted with the school L-S-As and to take responsibility for their learning. 

The goal for La Sierra Academy students as they complete the course of study is that they will be:


Learning Christians Who...

  • Demonstrate mastery in core subjects

  • Exhibit critical thinking skills

  • Meet the UC/Cal State and SDA university entrance requirements

  • Maintain a life-long interest in learning

  • Develop technological proficiency and integrity

  • Incorporate 21st Century Skills into their personal and professional lives


Serving Christians Who...

  • Embrace a commitment to local and global communities

  • Exhibit environmental responsibility

  • Model ethical principles of personal and professional conduct

  • Value diversity and individuality with a global perspective


Achieving Christians Who...

  • Nurture a faith based relationship with God

  • Maintain a balance of their mental, physical, social, and spiritual health

  • Demonstrate responsible work habits and ethics

  • Exhibit leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively

  • Develop vocational awareness leading to successful careers